Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Under Construction

New York, NY: We're still in beta mode with this new Jeffrey Scott Holland website, which we hope will eventually bring some order to the chaos that has been JSH's online presence lately...

If you have any news, info, tips, photos, or reports of sightings of any JSH paintings (hundreds of paintings from Holland's "Spunt" period remain undocumented), please don't hesitate to e-mail us!

Or, you can contact us by good old fashioned snail-mail:

Rebecca Quartieri, Director
Telecrylic International
3620 Lawrenceburg Road
Bloomfield, KY 40008

Fu Wu, Director
242 E. 38th Street #2C
New York, NY 10016

JSH Los Angeles Office:
Mark Givens / Mungbeing
632 Tangier Place
Pomona, CA 91768
phone: (909)784-1470