Monday, April 4, 2011

"When Happy Met Froggie" Film Premiere!

Lexington, KY: Jeffrey Scott Holland makes an appearance in Scott Hall and Michael Crisp's documentary When Happy Met Froggie, which makes its long-awaited world premiere at the Kentucky Theatre in downtown Lexington on April 6, 7:30pm!

JSH, who will be attending the premiere, will also be on hand before and after for Q&A and meet-and-greet along with everyone else who appears in the film.

For many Lexingtonians of a certain age group, the documentary restimulates childhood memories of local TV clown-and-puppet show Happy's Hour, which aired for a few years on WTVQ-62 in the 1970s. JSH got involved with the project when the producers got wind that he'd done a portrait of Happy the Clown and his puppet pal Froggie, years ago.

Grayson Johnson, writing in North of Center, says:
If audiences are unfamiliar with “Happy’s Hour”, Crisp stresses that it will not affect their enjoyment of the film. “It is really about reconnecting with your childhood. To some degree, everyone has special moments or feelings from when they were a child, and this film will strike a chord with everyone who remembers their own special childhood moments.”

Get tickets to the premiere here!