Monday, December 29, 2014

JSH Book Club promises a dozen new novels in 2015!

Naples, FL: Just two days after the release of Toulouse-inations in both paperback and Kindle editions, a declaration was made today on Jeffrey Scott Holland's writing blog - starting now, the JSH Book Club will deliver a new novel each and every month in 2015, and presumably beyond:
I'm now announcing that, come hell or high water (both of which do in fact occur here) I'm putting out a book a month, making this a real, honest-to-gorsh book club that will deliver a fresh fruit to your mailbox every month. January's selection is, of course, Toulouse-inations, which reared its ugly little head day before yesterday. I haven't yet decided what the next volume for February will be, but I have a whole raft of almost-finished projects cluttering up that desk. The genres run the gamut from historical romance to hard-boiled detective to voodoo thrillers to science fiction, but the greater overarching genre is "pulp fiction", that glorious world where ineptitude meets exuberance at the corner of inscrutability and expedience.

For further information as it comes, follow the JSH Book Club on Twitter or on their blog.