Friday, May 27, 2011

JSH Joins KyForward Team!

Lexington, KY: Today on his Unusual Kentucky blog, JSH announced his new affiliation with, a Lexington-based website co-founded by former Scripps-Howard Foundation CEO Judith G. Clabes and former Lexington mayor Jim Newberry.

Says JSH:

"I'm excited to be on board as a part of the KyForward team, because their positive, constructive outlook meshes well with my own stubborn views on newsmedia sensationalism and real winning (as opposed to Charlie Sheen's hijacking of the word.)

KyForward is a brand new site - so new, in fact, it's still under construction and beta as all get out, but come along for the ride with me and watch it continue to grow and flourish in the days and weeks ahead."