Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Fuel to Build a Fire" Still Burning Bright

Myrtle Beach, SC : Recently spotted at the KISS Coffeehouse 5th anniversary celebrations: Jeffrey Scott Holland's acrylic painting "Fuel to Build a Fire".

It's from his 2007 solo exhibition of the same name at the KISS Coffeehouse. This photo was taken and posted to the web by guitar technician Eric McKenna, who attended the anniversary event along with KISS members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.

Says JSH: "I'm thrilled that Gene Simmons, one of my idols since childhood, would have my primitive neo-expressionist folk art on the walls of one of his business ventures." The franchise for the Myrtle Beach coffeehouse, owned by entrepreneur Johnny Rock, is only the first of many - the next one is scheduled to open soon in Las Vegas.